Back To School Wine Quiz!

For many Arizonans, it’s back to school time already. (Why they do this when it is 112 degrees out, I do not know.) But I thought I’d help you all get in the school spirit with a little wine quiz!! The best part about wine school is that whether you pass or fail, you get to move on to a glass of wine.

I call this game, “Region or Varietal?”.  To be clear, here are some definitions:

Region (or Appellation): a named growing area that makes wine.

“Region” is a more general reference – such as “California”. Whereas “Napa Valley” or “Alexander Valley” (while also regions within California) are actual “Appellations” recognized in the U.S. as an American Viticulture Area (AVA).  “San Diego”, for example, is not an appellation or AVA.

Grape Varietal: a grape that is used to produce wine.

Sometimes wines are labeled by their varietal, and sometimes by their region or appellation.  Many times, European wines are labeled by their region/appellation. Therefore you have to know what kind of wine the region produces in order to know what to expect from the wine. Then again, there are a lot of grapes used in European wines that aren’t very well known in the States.

It can be so confusing! Good thing that no matter what, there’s always wine in the wine bottle!

So take the 15 question quiz – you’ll see how you did immediately!! Our follow-on post will have a bit more explanation of each item in the quiz!


  1. I am so glad that I have to do more homework to improve my grades! Corkscrew Please!

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