Building Wine Know… Day 1 of 6

Winos! I’m so excited! I am spending this week with the International Wine Guild taking the “Level II: Advanced Wine Course”.  This means I’m making my “educational wine journey” a bit more legit than what I’ve been doing the past two years (which has basically included ordering wine books on Amazon and sharing what I learn from reading.) I’ll be spending the next 6 days learning about and studying wine, Wine, WINE!

Now, every 5 minutes of today’s 8 hours of class, I found myself thinking “I’ve gotta wrap that wine know tidbit into a W2WK blog post!” While I’ll have to figure out a way to that over time, I figured I could at least share a few random fun facts throughout the next 6 days of the course…. So here is some random wine know to keep in your back pocket… if anyone wins a trivia game because of this, I wanna hear about it.

  • There are about 5,000 grapes used for wine making. FIVE THOUSAND. Of course, most of us don’t ever hear about the vast majority of them because they are used for blending and stuff. But still – that number shocked me.
  • France produces 1.62 Billion gallons of wine a year. The U.S. produces 711.2 Million gallons. (For a matter of perspective, France is about the same size as the states of Washington and  Oregon combined.) And yes – that B and M are correct.
  • Isinglass is a substance used to “fine” wine. Fining wines is a step in the winemaking process to get the  particulates out of the wine after it has gone through fermentation so that the liquid is clear.  And do you know what isinglass is? It is powdered fish bladders.  Yup.  Surprisingly, it is does not impact the wine composition/flavor/aroma, but it does have positive ions that attract the particulates. The particulates stick to the isinglass, and are carried down to the bottom of the storage unit where it is easy to remove. And voila – we get clear wine (as opposed to murky or cloudy wine).  So vegetarian winos – you may be cheating with every glass of wine. Pescatarians – you’re clear.

More to follow throughout the week!


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