Building Wine Know… Day 3 of 6

Here are more fun facts from day 3 of classes at the International Wine Guild… (See day 1 post for some background info.)

  • (NOTE: I updated this with a correction since my original posting!!) When you see “Reserve” or “Reserva” on a wine label, with a few exceptions – it pretty much means nothing. At least not legally. There aren’t any common labeling laws that dictate the criteria to call a wine a “reserve” wine in most countries. Therefore, it is defined on a vineyard by vineyard basis.  Only the following FIVE countries have a legal definition and labeling law for “reserve” wine – and in general, it is defined by wine that spends half its aging time in oak and the other half in a bottle.  The five countries are: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Chile.
  • Generally, the best times of the day to taste wine are from 10:00am-3:00pm, and 7:00-9:00pm. This has to something to do with our body chemistry… Screw happy hour – grab a glass at lunch!


  1. Wine. It’s not just for breakfast anymore! Viva Italia! (Or something.) Go you!

  2. Me again, the International Wine Guild link in your post is malformed. It reverts to your site and gives a not found error. You need to delete the duplicate permalink to your site in the URL. (Always test your links.) Keep writing!


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