The Wine Star Journey!

Welcome to the shiny, new Wine Star blog! Some of you may know me from my former blog titled, “from Wino to Wine Know”. If so, you know that over the past few years, I’ve been on an educational wine journey of sorts. This journey has led me from being a casual wine drinker/occasional wine blogger, to becoming a certified sommelier and starting a business based on connecting people and wine! And I never would have thought this is where my love for wine would lead me. Check out the rest of the Wine Star Services website to see more about what we’re up to!



I’m so excited to be continuing along this wine journey. I hope you either continue to walk with me or join me on this wonderful path! (Seriously – look at it. Who wouldn’t want to walk along this path!?!) 

What do you want to WINE KNOW?

Here on the Wine Star Blog, I’ll continue to post about all things wine with the intention of continuing to together build our “wine know”. While I know what I like to nerd out on when it comes to wine, what do YOU want to read more about? Fill in this quick survey and give me some guidance!

Blog Administration Comment: All the old Wino to Wine Know posts have been moved over here to the Wine Star blog. If you subscribed to the old one, you’re automatically subscribed to the new and improved one. If you’re not yet subscribed, fill in your email un the “Subscribe” box on the right side of this page!

Wine Know Journey Update

As many of you know, W2WK has been a venue for me to share my journey of transitioning from a “wino” – a wine enthusiast who enjoys the consumption of wine but knows little about it – to a “wine know” – someone who consumes AND knows things about wine.  The blog has repeatedly validated that I DO – in fact – love learning about wine…. and since starting it, I’ve taken some classes and become a certified wine geek.  I shared some of the wine fun facts I learned while becoming a certified wine geek back in January… and then I went radio silent. Poor form in the world of blogging, I know.

The good news is my wine journey has progressed outside of blog writing… I’ve spent some time as a wine steward in a restaurant.  I’ve assisted with facilitating some wine tastings (at which I also get to taste some delish wines). And I’ve made some more wine friends.  So technically, my 6-month blogging hiatus was more like a sabbatical to build my wine know in the world. (Or something like that.)

As I devise my revised blogging plan, I am curious what you want to wine know about.  Comment here on this page… or send me an email (… or make a Wine Know Request. Whether you have a request or not, I hope you stick with me on this journey from Wino to Wine Know!



W2WK Returns… for real this time.

Hello Loyal W2WK Readers!

Soooo…. it’s been a few weeks…. ok, months… since I last posted. But as of this week, I’m back in the blogging swing of things with some exciting changes to W2WK.

Post Structure/Blog Schedule: I’ve revised my post structure slightly to focus in on some specific areas I most enjoy blogging about, and that (I hope) you most enjoy reading about.  The newest addition – that is unlike any previous W2WK category – is “Wines of the Desert”, which will focus on wine in the home state of W2WK – Arizona! These posts will give me an excuse to frequent vineyards relatively close to home and see what kinda of wine know there is here in AZ. A summary of all the blog posts you can come to expect are outlined below or listed on the Blog Schedule.

Wine Know Requests: Another added feature is the Wine Know Requests page. Comment on the page if there is specific “Wine Know” you’d like to have. I’ll do the research for you and post on the blog! If you’re curious about something, chances are someone else is as well. (Namely, me!)

W2WK on Facebook: That’s right. W2WK is no longer staying hidden within just the WordPress world. Please “Like” the W2WK Facebook page – it’s brand-spankin’ new!

I hope you enjoy the new structure and looking forward to learning more and more about wine with you. Look for tomorrow’s Divine Wine Sunday post!

Blog Schedule

Divine Wine Sundays

While I don’t shy away from a glass (or three) of wine on a weekday, it is more likely that I’ll try something new between Friday and Sunday.  So as the weekend wraps up, and on a day often reserved for things divine, I plan to post about a specific wine that I have tasted to include tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

Post Frequency: Expect a post most Sundays!

Wines of the Desert

Since this blog is based out of the great State of Arizona, these posts will focus on the wine industry in the desert! This will include any bits of information on wine in Arizona.  (I know – I’m from here, and I was just as surprised as you are that wine can be made in the desert!)

Post Frequency: Expect a post twice per month!

Did You Wine Know…?

Since Wino to Wine Know is all about the growing one’s educational journey of wine, “Did You Wine Know…?” posts will focus on increasing one’s wine knowledge (namely, mine!).

Post Frequency: Expect a post twice per month!


Varietal posts will include any topics in between the above categories in this here blog schedule.  Just as grape varietals vary in size, shape, color, and texture, so will these random posts!

Post Frequency: Completely Random!

Blog Announcement: New Wine Know Resources!!

Since I recently changed the scope of “Divine Wine Sundays” to include some food pairing suggestions, I realized I was a little short on “Wine-Food-Pairing-Know”.   So I’ve acquired a couple  more books to accompany my other resources (and the internet) that I’m really excited about!!

What to Drink with What you Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

Wine, Food & Friends by Karen MacNeil (also the author of one of my favorites, The Wine Bible) – thanks for the suggestion Dreamer!

Soon enough, W2WK followers will be enjoying divine wines and dines!! (Uh-oh … did I just come up with a new or revised W2WK category?!?)

Check out the Resources page for info on the other books I regularly use as references here on W2WK!  And if you have other great wine resources to recommend, please don’t hesitate to pass them along!

Blog Announcement: Name Change

“Thoroughly Wino Thursdays” has been renamed to “Thoroughly Wine Know Thursdays”.  Minor change… but why? Well, because Thursdays are all about learning a little more about wine…. about expanding our Wine Know, one might say.  So now that the blog has been rolling for a bit, I thought it important to represent the content of Thursdays more accurately.

Just wanted to keep all you Winos in the loop!