A Wino’s Birthday Delight!

The great thing about having a wine blog is that it inspires friends and family to give awesome wine gifts for birthdays!!  Thanks for all the great wine paraphernalia, Friends and Family!  I had a great birthday today and can’t wait to try these wines, play these wine games, and use the random and fantastic household wine “thingys”!

I’d like to draw special attention to the magnet resting against the wine bottle on the right… thank you, Princess Lea, for tracking down the magnet that was previously mentioned here on W2WK!!

A Wino's Birthday Delight

Wine Know from Carmody McKnight’s Owner

Hey Winos,

Check out the Divine Wine Sunday post on Carmody McKnight’s Pinot Noir from January 23rd.  Gary Conway, owner of Carmody McKnight’s winery, added a comment to the post and has provided more “Wine Know” on his Pinot Noir (and Pinots in general)!  Thanks for taking the time to “stop by”, Gary!

There is more Wine Know available at Carmody McKnight’s blog.




PS: I know, I know – I’m again behind on this week’s Divine Wine Sunday… but it is en route!


The Bottle of Wits

Joy has just entered my life in ways I never thought possible.  Two things that I love in this world – (1) Wine and (2) The Princess Bride,  have joined forces to come together as:

The Bottle of Wits

The Bottle of Wits

[Pausing for the anticipated gasps of excitement.]

Apparently, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX is honoring the 25 Year Anniversary of one of the the finest film of our time by not only The Bottle of Wits – which is available in As You Wish White and Inconceivable Red – but a full menu focused around The Princess Bride.  Check out their blog post with more details.  You, too, will start thinking about making plans to get to Austin to enjoy a fine sampling of Seared R.O.U.S. accompanied by a Bottle of Wits followed by a find dessert of Twue Wuv Twuffles.

Alamo Drafthouse - Princess Bride Menu

And yes, when those bottles go for sale online, you can bet that this Wino will be purchasing – and then posting about it – here on Wino to Wine Know!

[Thank you, Action Dave, for sharing this delightful finding with this Wino / Princess Bride fan.]

[To those of you who haven’t seen Princess Bride, or who have only recently seen it, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  For the record, I usually try to avoid socializing with people who fall into this category.]

The Beginning


Wino to Wine Know began as a suggestion one night by my Dad while enjoying a dinner with some dear family friends.  We were talking blogs and my Dad threw it out there… “You like to drink wine… why don’t you start a wine blog?”

Over the next few weeks, I kept thinking about it.  I loved the idea of it, but certainly felt that ever-present fear in many casual wine drinkers… “but I don’t really know anything about wine”. And hence the idea of the blog began.  While I may not really know anything about wine, I do know that I really enjoy it… and I definitely want to understand it more.  I shared these thoughts with a couple of great friends, one who is a Dreamer and the other an Accountabilibuddy.  And between the two of them, a couple of brainstorming sessions for blog names, a little more discussion regarding the focus of the blog, and voila!  Out popped Wino to Wine Know….

….and then a couple more months went by.  One day I registered this Word Press blog.  Another week or two later I played around with some graphics and the layout of the blog.  And then I just procrastinated for no particular reason… but today is a new day and I’m excited to launch Wino to Wine Know!

I hope you join me on this journey of learning more about wine!