Wine Talk Tuesday: Wine and America

Happy Fourth of July, Winos!!  W2WK offers you this little wine fun fact regarding wine and America…

Did you wine know

In 1562, the French Huguenots arrived in Jacksonville, Florida and made America’s first known wines from the native variety of the Muscadine grape called Scuppernong.

Wow… to think I lived in Jacksonville for several years and never knew that (a) it was the birthplace of America’s wines, and (b) “scuppernong” is a word.  It’s a word that I’m happy to now have in my vocabulary.

(Courtesy of


Wine Fun Fact Source: Vintage America: A Brief History of Wine in America

Wine Talk Tuesday: Moldy Corks

Today, I offer you the below Wine Fun Fact… well, “fun” may not be quite the right descriptor… but I’m pretty sure you’ll walk away with this tidbit in your back pocket for your next dinner party where you’ll wow your guests with your Wine Know.

Did you know that mold growing between the wine bottle (or whatever capsule the wine is in) and the top of the cork is not an indication of a wine gone bad.  But it IS an indication of proper wine storage in humid conditions.

So don’t throw away your moldy corked bottles!

[Source: Wine Wars!]

Wine Talk Tuesday: Sweet Red Wine

I am spending this week on the beach enjoying the company of my lovely family members, and spending lots of time listening to music that we all grew up with.  And one song came on that I particularly enjoyed… partially because as soon as it started, my three cousins, my sister, and I all started singing it word for word.  And partially because the lyrics made me think about the joy of wine and sharing memories.

“A replay of last night’s events roll through my mind

Except a scene or two erased by sweet red wine.”

So here’s to the nights that are spent around a bottle (or bottles) of wine, creating and sharing memories, and maybe a losing a few due to a few too many laughs over a few too many glasses of (sweet red) wine.


Here are the rest of the lyrics to the Garth Brooks song, “Callin’ Baton Rouge”.

I spent last night in the arms 
Of a girl in Louisiana 
And though I’m out on the highway 
My thoughts are still with her 
Such a strange combination of a woman and a child 
Such a strange situation stoppin’ every hundred miles 
Callin’ Baton Rouge 

A replay of last night’s events 
Roll through my mind 
Except a scene or two 
Erased by sweet red wine 
And I see a truck stop sign ahead 
So I change lanes 
I need a cup of coffee 
And a couple dollars change 
Callin’ Baton Rouge 

Operator won’t you put me on through 
I gotta’ send my love down to Baton Rouge 
Hurry up won’t you put her on the line 
I gotta’ talk to the girl just one more time 

Hello Samantha dear, I hope you’re feelin’ fine 
And it won’t be long until I’m with you all the time 
But until then I’ll spend my money up right down to my last dime 
Callin’ Baton Rouge 

Operator won’t you put me on through 
I gotta’ send my love down to Baton Rouge 
Hurry up won’t you put her on the line 
I gotta’ talk to the girl just one more time 

Callin’ Baton Rouge 
Sweet Baton Rouge, my Baton Rouge 


Wine Talk Tuesday: The Price of Wine

How much would you pay for a bottle of wine? Over $50? How about over $100?

Would you pay $275,000????  Well, 8 bottles of a 1907 Russian wine called Heidsieck sold for $275,000. EACH.  No – there is no typo.

Apparently, in 1916, 8 bottles of Heidsieck were sent to the Russian Imperial Family and lost in a shipwreck.  They were discovered in 1997, and sold for $275K.  Yowsers.

As noted in The Huffington Post article that highlights the 12 of the World’s Most Expensive Bottles of Wine (starting at a mere $20,000, which sounds like a deal now!), these bottles are more like pieces of art than something to consume.

I don’t know about you all, but I think I’ll stick to those wines I can consume and just plan on reading about the people who buy up the kinds you keep in a museum.  Is that uninteresting of me?!

Wine Talk Tuesday: The Answer is Wine

Oh social networking… I love how you allow us to pass along useless – but enjoyable – bits of fun, such as the below image.  One of my favorite local wine bars, 5th and Wine, posted it on their Facebook page at about 3pm one day.  And I so wanted to answer my remaining work emails with, “Sirs, The answer to your question, you see, is, ‘Wine’.”  I wonder how that would have gone over….

May all you Winos find that time in the day to be at a socially acceptable one:)


The Answer is Wine

Wine Talk Tuesday: A Bin of Wine

I know springtime technically arrived well over a month ago, but here in Arizona, the desert is currently blossoming with all sorts of beautiful cactus flowers. A desert in bloom, like wine, is something that delights my soul…   And this poem connects life’s simple pleasures so perfectly… including our favorite topic. So Happy May Day, and may you Winos find yourself surrounded by bins of wine!



Go, little book, and wish to all
Flowers in the garden, meat in the hall,
A bin of wine, a spice of wit,
A house with lawns enclosing it,
A living river by the door,
A nightingale in the sycamore!

by Robert Louis Stevenson


Wine Talk Tuesday: A Simple Reminder

Nothing delights me more than the good company of friends and entertaining conversation while enjoying a fine meal and a few bottles of wine. So tonight, I would like to remind you Winos out there to be sure to…

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.

…and to do so with people that make you merrier. In this Wino’s opinion, it’s really all that matters.

Wine Talk Tuesday: White House Winos

Wine Talk Tuesday is going back to its roots this week with a brief Wine Fun Fact (as opposed to a long explanation of Wine as it relates to holidays… or as I now like to call them, “Holla-days”.)

Did you know… that former President Lyndon B. Johnson made it a policy that only U.S. wines could be served at the White House!?

According to my new favorite game, Wine Wars, this is the case… In trying to find out more about this, I came across this article in Time Magazine about alcohol served in the White House in general.  It does not appear that President Johnson’s policy was written in stone, but perhaps just a general practice during his administration.  A secondary fun fact, found in the Time article, is that President “John F. Kennedy served Dom Perignon at nearly every White House function.”   JFK, You’re so my style.

For those of you who are wondering, the only wine policy in my house is that there is some!!


PS: I hope my friends, the Whites, who run the LBC “White House” weren’t confused when seeing the title of this post.  When you create a wine policy in your White House, I’ll post about it here…

Wine Talk Passover: Man-O-Manischewitz!

As we’ve established in past Wine Talk Tuesday posts, this blog post category has taken on a theme of its own as Wine Talk “Holla-Days”.  And guess what Holla-Day is starting this Friday…. you guessed it (because it is in the name of the post)… it’s Passover!  Passover starts on Friday, April 6th and ends on Saturday, April 14th. And did you know that wine plays a big role in the festivities associated with Passover?! Well, you will now…

So a quick overview… Note, I’m pretty unfamiliar with this celebration myself, but feel like a high-level overview of this Holla-Day is important.  Passover is the celebration of the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  And the associated festivities exist to relive and commemorate that sense of freedom. Part of Passover is the Seder, which is the feast held on the first two nights of Passover.  And this feast sounds like quite the extravaganza… lots of rituals and traditions and family fun.  (All the best elements of a fine holiday…)

[Stick with me… here comes the wine part.]  Part of this feast is the drinking of four cups of wine…. and it sounds like this is actually a requirement.  (Is it wrong that and all I can think is, I love people who tell me I HAVE TO drink wine?!?)  And each cup of wine is representative of a matriarch.  (Sorry for all the side thoughts in a single paragraph, but I can’t help it… I’m beginning to think that I’m a closet Jew… forced wine drinking to honor awesome women!?!  How have I missed out on this all these years?) In summary:

Cup of Wine #1: Commemorate Sarah, who was known for her efforts to spread the word of “G-d” to those who previously worshiped idols.

Cup of Wine #2: Commemorate Rivka, who overcame an idolatrous background to become the mother of the Jewish people.

Cup of Wine #3: Commemorate Rachel, the mother of the one who sustained a nation.

Cup of Wine #4: Commemorate Leah, who taught the Jewish people how and when to say thank you.

[More on the history of each of these cups o’ wine can be found here, on

I gotta say, that if I’m to have four divine cups o’ wine in one night, they aren’t typically as thoughtful or commemorative as those drunk on Passover… Usually, for me, it has more to do with a long day (or not) and an unsurprising realization that I’d really like another.  But I love the idea of each glass of wine having a specific purpose or designated “toast” (for lack of better words than I can currently muster). I may have to incorporate this practice into my daily wine… and not just save it for Holla-Days. To my regular wine drinking buds, let’s be sure to practice this positive reinforcement of honoring good things with each glass of wine.

Manischewivtz Wine

Now… what’s with the Manischewitz, you ask?  Well, this fine company produces all kinds of kosher products (and only kosher food can be consumed on Passover), including wine! I have no idea what kosher wine tastes like, but I may have to test some out in preparation for the approaching Divine Wine Sunday… If I’m able to acquire some (which probably isn’t too hard to do), I hope that I take a sip and feel like saying in a loud and alarmed voice, “Man-O-Manischewitz!”

Happy Passover!!


PS: I hope this made you P90x-ers smile. 🙂