Divine Wine Sunday: Chateau Petit-Freylon Bordeaux Blanc

It was a big weekend, folks… defined by a long-awaited trip to Costco.  And as some of W2WK followers know, Costco is my favorite place to pick up a few bottles of wine.  (By the way, I just learned that Costco is the largest retailer of wine in the United States!  There’s an extra fun fact for you in the mix of Divine Wine Sunday!)  On this trip, the Costco Wine Guy was setting up a display up at the front of the store (instead of in the back in the standard wine section), as if he was just waiting for me to walk through the large garage door entrances.  We started chatting and he had all kinds of information to share about the special selection of wines he was putting on display.  And one of those fine bottles was a white Bordeaux.

I’m also particularly excited to have found a bottle of Bordeaux to write about this week…  My friend, Ms. Snodgrass, gave me a gift this weekend in a wine bag that said, “WINEAUX” on it.  Ha! Awesome, right?  So for this post, this Wino and all you Winos will be referred to as Wineauxs…

Before we progress too far along this post, I would like to let you all know that Divine Wine Sundays are “under construction”.  This post doesn’t have all the sections of previous Divine Wine Sundays, and it has one new section.  See what you Wineauxs think…

Divine Wine of the Week: Chateau Petit-Freylon Bordeaux Blanc (2010)

Chateau Petit-Freylon Bordeaux Blanc 2010

Price Range: $8.99 at Costco (a steal!)

Wineaux Assessment…

I’ve enjoyed a few white Bordeauxs over the years and have typically enjoyed them… and this one was no different.  It is on the dry side for a fruity white wine, but with lots of crisp fruit flavors.  I definitely taste some apple – maybe even sour apple –  and perhaps even a a little citrus in flavor.  Something about it also reminds me of the lovely smell of orange tree blossoms – that sweet fragrant smell.  But again, all this flavor without the sweet factor- but not too dry either.

The Wine…

White Bordeauxs are made from a few different types of grapes, including Musccadelle, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Ugni Blanc.  The Chateau Petit-Freylon uses three of the four – all but the Ugni Blanc.  It is 50% Sauvignon Blanc which typically provides a crisp flavor.  It is also 25% Muscadelle which typically gives wines a light floral character, and 25% Semillon which is a dry grape.  The label describes this wine as:

A Sauvignon Blanc dominated blend from Bordeaux, has aromas of succulent pear and tropical fruit, a punchy, vibrant palate and a crisply-defined finish.

They say “crisply-defined finish” – I think that might be a bit of that sour apple flavor I tasted.  And one of these days, this Wineaux will think to put a word like “succulent” in front of a fruit when describing a wine.  ….some day.

The Bite…

If you’re a Wineaux, you probably have a bit of a Foodie in you as well.  So as W2WK has progressed, I have sensed a stronger need for a discussion about food with the wines.  Enter… The Bite.  In this section, I hope to find out what foods would typically pair well with the respective Divine Wine.

So what, you ask, would a Wineaux pair with a Bordeaux Blanc?  Well, given the “succulent pear” and “crisply-defined finish”, you probably want something more savory and/or creamy to balance it out.  Some good seafood options may include scallops or salmon or sushi (all that soy needs a little something crisp to wash it all down).  It would also go well with alfredo or pesto sauces or a creamy white soup. If you’re a cheese fan (let’s be frank… if you’re not a cheese fan, I’m not sure we can be Wineaux friends)… drink this one with creamier heavier semi-soft cheeses or of the blue cheese types.

Now that I’ve tasted the wine, I kinda wish I had enjoyed it with some fettuccine alfredo… all the sudden, that sounds pretty darn delish.


So Wineauxs (sorry- I couldn’t resist using that one more time after already using it a bit too much in one short post)… there’s both a tid bit on white Bordeaux AND a bit of a new look to Divine Wine Sunday.  Hope you all have a Divine week!!

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