Divine Wine Sunday: Inconceivable Cab

Winos and Wine Knows alike… here it is… the most exciting Divine Wine yet to be presented here on Wino to Wine Know.  (Exciting in my book, anyway.)  A few weeks back, thanks to Action Dave, I learned about The Bottle of Wits – a wine made in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the  glorious movie, The Princess Bride.  And now, thanks to a loyal blog follower and blushing new Wino – we’ll call him “the Karate Kid” – I have had the pleasure of tasting The Bottle of Wits – Inconceivable Cab.  And without a doubt, regardless of what it tasted like, it HAD to be posted for name alone as the Divine Wine of the Week.  (Quick preview: lucky us – it ALSO tasted great!!)

Divine Wine of the Week: The Bottle of Wits, Inconceivable Cab, Cabernet Sauvignon,

The Bottle of Wits, Inconceivable Cab

Price Range: $28 from Alamo Drafthouse (and now available online!)

Note: The Alamo Drafthouse is actually a movie theater.  Their full title is the “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema”, and they celebrate a chosen movie each year via a special bottle/line of wine.  This year, in honor of the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride, the Alamo Drafthouse bottled The Bottle of Wits. And we Princess Bride fans, who are also Winos, will forever be grateful.

Wino Assessment…

Disclaimer: Normally, I do not read about the wines that I’ve selected for Divine Wine Sunday until after I’ve written my own assessment.  Since I have been pretty darn excited about trying The Bottle of Wits (and because I had already blogged about it – though not as a “Divine Wine”), I felt it necessary to disclose that I did read the description of the bottle before writing my “Wino Assessment”.

That said, did I enjoy The Bottle of Wits Inconceivable Cab? YES!  And yes, you’re right.  I was slightly swayed by the idea of The Bottle of Wits… and then when I saw the packaging, I was swayed even more.  I thought, “there’s no way I won’t like this wine!”  I mean the box itself has lots of PB quotes all over it.  It indicates that the wine is “iocane free” … “most likely”.  How could a PB fan not love that?!

But ok – beyond the awesome packaging (both on the bottle and the box), the wine was very enjoyable!  For me, it was an ideal combination of that Cabernet dryness and a smooth fruit flavored finish.  The wine left your tongue a little chalky, but not so much that you needed a glass of water to accompany your glass of wine.

The Grape…

I have posted on Cabernet Sauvignon here on Wino to Wine Know before.  There is certainly more to say about this wine, but for the purpose of this post, I think it will serve it justice to reference the details of the grape from the previous Cab Sauvignon write-up.

The Wine…

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema included a nice description of their Inconceivable Cab.

“Inconceivable Cab” is a 2009 vintage California Cabernet, with a deep ruby hue. The nose is all black currant with subtle hints of oak. Medium bodied, full of plum and black cherry fruit, balanced by firm acidity and tannins. On the finish, lingering notes of cedar and vanilla dominate. It is complex & intriguing, with no trace of iocane powder.”

For sure, I am happy to know that there was no iocane powder in this wine, for I have not yet built up my tolerance like the Dread Pirate Roberts.  That said, the power of suggestion is strong with me, and I totally agree that there were plum and black cherry flavors.  That and the “lingering notes of cedar…” are certainly accurate descriptions now that I’ve heard it after tasting this delightful red.  (Some day, I’ll be able to construct such elegant sentences to accurately describe vino.)

The Region…

California Cabs are recognized and respected around the world and the state plants about as many of these grapes as the Bordeaux region does.  Apparently, those crazy Californians from Stag’s Leap Winery beat out the Wine Know Frenchies back in 1973 in a blind tasting (funny because I just commented on this wine last week in the Wine Talk Leap Day post per CA Wino’s comment!).  In the late 1980s, California’s vines were hit with phylloxera (vine disease) which forced many parts of the region to replant all together.  But by the late 1980s, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were replanted and in nearly twice the numbers they had been before the pesky vine disease. An interesting Cali Cab fun fact is that Cab grapes from Sonoma County have anise and black olive flavors, while Napa Valley Cab grapes tend to have black fruit flavors.


The Bottle of Wits, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

In conclusion, I gotta say that I’m so glad this Inconceivable Cab is not only something I can and have now conceived, but also a wine that I truly enjoyed!! For the delight of the wine AND the fantastic packaging, I highly recommend ordering it if you’re a Princess Bride fan… or maybe you’ll be as lucky as me and have someone like the Karate Kid be kind enough to pick up a few bottles while visiting the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.


  1. Veronica Snodgrass says:

    Although I must admit I’m a little sad that I did not get a sample, I’m so glad the awesomeness was not limited to simply packaging!

  2. they need to advertise this wine more…or maybe it already is popular and i’m just now hearing about it. either way, glad you were the one to inform me of it and that the wine was also delic’. “have fun storming the castle!”

    • I think it will only be sold by this random movie theater… their tribute to one of the great films of our time. I’m guessing they don’t have too many bottles… (Lucky me, I’ve got 4!)

      • I wish I’d heard about this last year and been able to get a bottle! We just started planning our Princess Bride-themed wedding, and the guys at Alamo have been awesome and managed to find me a couple bottles of the white, but I’ve completely struck out finding the red! Which figures, since my fiancé loves red wine and really dislikes most whites… If any of you have any leads on one or two bottles of Inconceivable Cab, it would be fabulous!

        • Lauren,

          First of all… a Princess Bride themed wedding??! You are my hero.

          Secondly, I am very sorry to say I have no idea where one might find this wine beyond the Alamo Drafthouse. I really hope they can track a down a bottle for you… Should I hear/see anything, I will definitely pass it along!

          Happy Wedding!!

  3. After reading Alamo’s description, I can’t get the idea of “ruby domination” out of my mind. I think I need a bottle of this wine and a visit to a paint store in the very near future.

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