Divine Wine Sunday: Martin Codax Albariño

Aaaah Alabariño.  It is a wine that is relatively new to me – just came across it about 2.5 years ago while meandering the streets of Barcelona.  And I have to admit, it was a true “wino moment”.  While looking at the bottle, pretending to be studying its label with all my fake “Wine Know”, I was really wondering what the heck “Albarino” was… the name of the winery? The type of wine? The region it came from? Something else? I had no idea.  So I did what any good Wino would do… I bought it to see if I would like it.  And… like it, I did!

Divine Wine of the Week: Martin Codax Albariño, Rias Baixas, España

Martin Codax Alabariño

Price Range: $13.49 at Total Wine

Wino Assessment

For starters, the Martin Codax Alabariño has a fun label, so we all know that makes the wine tastier.  But as far as flavor, this lovely white wine is crisp and clean.  It has apple and peachy kind of flavors to it – making it really refreshing to drink as the weather gets warmer.

The Wine…

Alabariño is a white Spanish grape from the Rias Baixas region in northwestern Spain. Most Spanish wines are referred to by region (as it is in France), but wines from Rias Baixas are often referred to as an Alabariño.  (E.g. – “That alabariño is outstanding!” instead of “That Rias Baixas is outstanding!” ) It is the most commonly planted grape in the region and nearly all the wine made in this region uses this grape. (I suddenly feel like my “wino moment” noted above was based on sound confusion rather than just wino confusion!)

Alabariño wines are aromatic and flavorful.  The flavors range from “zingy citrus-peach to almond-honeysuckle” (The Wine Bible) but still have a creamy element to them, which often makes for a more interesting tasting! Here’s what Total Wine says of the Martin Codax Alabariño:

“Crisp, Citrus, Peach, Medium-bodied

Rias Baixas, Spain- Medium to light-bodied white wine that is rich with peach and citrus fruits while the aromas tend to the floral and slightly nutty end of the spectrum. The wine has bright acidity and an easy-drinking quality.”

I definitely agree with the “easy drinking quality” – this bottle drinks very easy! And I think you Winos will especially enjoy it on these fine, warm spring days.

The Bite…

So what does one eat with this fine bottle of Alabariño?  Well, The Wine Bible notes that it is “considered one of the best matches in the world for seafood”.  So I suppose that’s a good start!  More specifically, shrimp dishes are especially tasty with this wine.  Also, because it does have that citrusy-peach flavor, it goes well with spicy or creamy foods as well – creates a nice balance. Try Alabariño with some spicy pad thai or green curry.


So there it is… go enjoy some Martin Codax Alabariño, Winos! You won’t be disappointed!


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