Wine Talk Tuesday: Nose Fatigue

Wine Talk Tuesdays has a new source for wine fun facts and random tid-bits of wine info… and that source is:

Wine Wars – A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes!! Thank you, Ms. Snodgrass, for this very practical and W2WK applicable gift!  (See photo below!)

Tonight while having an impromptu wine war, we learned about nose fatigue.  That’s right… nose fatigue.  Thought your nose didn’t fatigue?? Well, you are mistaken.  It does.  And guess what… it is quite the wimp.  Nose fatigue sets in within SIX measly little seconds when swirling a glass of wine to assess the wine aromas.  That means at second number seven, your nose means nothing to you, and you must rely on your other senses.  …In my humble Wino opinion, that’s not such a bad thing since it results in you having to taste wine instead of just sniff it.

And, fellow Winos, the answer in the Wine Wars trivia card said that “concentration is required” during those six seconds.  So make those six count… but don’t you oversniff.  It’ll do you no good.


Wine Wars


  1. Ms. Bique says:

    That is very interesting. I have never felt my nose was a very powerful tool and now I know why! However in its defense, I am more of a mouth breather, so it really doesn’t get a chance to shine during my everyday shenanigans.

  2. omg! I have always thought that the first sniff was the “fruit/spice determining” sniff. Beyond that, I can’t decipher what’s behind the wine. I’m glad that I’m not alone in that! Good post!

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