The Wine Star Journey!

Welcome to the shiny, new Wine Star blog! Some of you may know me from my former blog titled, “from Wino to Wine Know”. If so, you know that over the past few years, I’ve been on an educational wine journey of sorts. This journey has led me from being a casual wine drinker/occasional wine blogger, to becoming a certified sommelier and starting a business based on connecting people and wine! And I never would have thought this is where my love for wine would lead me. Check out the rest of the Wine Star Services website to see more about what we’re up to!



I’m so excited to be continuing along this wine journey. I hope you either continue to walk with me or join me on this wonderful path! (Seriously – look at it. Who wouldn’t want to walk along this path!?!) 

What do you want to WINE KNOW?

Here on the Wine Star Blog, I’ll continue to post about all things wine with the intention of continuing to together build our “wine know”. While I know what I like to nerd out on when it comes to wine, what do YOU want to read more about? Fill in this quick survey and give me some guidance!

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