The Top 100 of 2012…

It has arrived… Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list!!  Can’t wait to review it in more detail and start trying out some of these wines (and then posting about them here!)

Wine Spectator, December 2012

!!Spoiler Alert!! 

The Wine of the Year is a Shafer Vineyard’s 2008 “Relentless”.  It’s a Syrah-Petit Syrah blend… It’s $60/bottle but only 3,300 cases were made.  Which I believe means it may be difficult to track down.

Wine Spectator’s Wine of the Year
2008 Relentless, Shafer Vineyards




  1. I look forward to sampling some of these WITH you!

  2. Have you considered initiating a ‘relentless’ search to track down one of these bottles? And then, of course, sharing the treacherous misadventures experienced on such a hunt. 🙂

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