Varietal: Wining at Lunch… Turkish Style

I know…. The biggest blogging mistake is dormancy. And I have been dormant. But today’s lunch is going to propel me from my hibernation and back into gaining more Wine Know!

So, I don’t often have a glass of wine at lunch… Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it usually leads to an unplanned nap. (Apparently, I have real issues with dormancy.) But it was a long week… I was getting ready to get on a plane (where I usually nap whether or not I want to)…so why the heck not?!

My lovely co-worker suggested Pasha Mezze for lunch in the Kent neighborhood of Norfolk, VA. This place has “Mediterranean and Anatolian cuisine” made from local ingredients… And much to my delight, it also had regional wine options on its menu! I generally think it makes a meal more interesting (and often better) when pairing wine and food by region. Especially when the wine offering is somewhat unique! Can’t say I often look for Turkish wine at the wine store… Though now that I’ve tried it, I may just have to!!

I enjoyed a glass of the Kavaklidere Yakut red wine… And it did indeed have fruit flavors and ripe tannins with a pleasant and velvety finish (as indicated on the menu).


Here’s to many more wining lunches in the future!

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