Divine Wine Sunday: ViNO Pinot Grigio

For those of you who have been following W2WK for a while, you may remember past posts on Charles Smith wines including, Kung-Fu Girl Riesling and The Velvet Devil Merlot. Well today’s post is on yet another Charles Smith wine… ViNO Pinot Grigio.   What can I say, I have a weakness for the way this winery smashes its grapes into drinkable liquid. (And at a great price, I might add.)

ViNO Pinot Grigio by Charles Smith

ViNO Pinot Grigio by Charles Smith

Divine Wine: ViNO Pinot Grigio, Charles Smith Winery, Washington State

Price Range: $10-15

Wino Assessment: When I picked up a bottle of this white wine delight, it happened to be on clearance at the wine shop.  Although I hadn’t tried this particular wine before, I couldn’t resist grabbing several bottles at that special clearance price, and walked away from the wine shop just hoping I’d enjoy it enough to consume several bottles (over a period of weeks). Conveniently, I did.  (I know, I know. I’m such a risk taker.)

This Pinot Grigio is very crisp and refreshing.  I think the crispness of it reminded me of apples, but it has a lot of melon flavor and honeysuckle aromas.  It was a nice balance between fruit and flowers.  For me, this is a wine I’ll look forward to enjoying on summer afternoons.  (Which, by the way, has arrived here in Phoenix already… it’s 100 degrees today!)

Tasting Notes: Here’s what the winemaker says about its ViNO Pinot Grigio. 

“Italian inspired, locally produced. Cut summer grass gives way to white nectarine, honeysuckle, Italian melon and white anise, crushed seashells and minerals.”

“Minerals” is an interesting way of describing wine – and one I see often.  If you’re curious what a “minerally” wine might taste like, try this one.  It’s sort of like when you get a bottle of water that has that extra mineral-ness to it… but in wine.  (And in a good way.)

Divine Bite:  So what to enjoy with a glass of ViNO? Pinot Grigio tends to be a great wine for lunches and appetizers, or foods with high acidity.  Try it with salads or a shellfish dish.  The winery recommends oysters, which would be complementary with regard to the mineral flavors in the oysters as well as the wine.  I enjoyed this wine with salmon topped with arugula/parsley/lemon pesto.  The crisp herbal and citrus flavors of the pesto accompanied the ViNO very nicely.

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