Wine Know from Carmody McKnight’s Owner

Hey Winos,

Check out the Divine Wine Sunday post on Carmody McKnight’s Pinot Noir from January 23rd.  Gary Conway, owner of Carmody McKnight’s winery, added a comment to the post and has provided more “Wine Know” on his Pinot Noir (and Pinots in general)!  Thanks for taking the time to “stop by”, Gary!

There is more Wine Know available at Carmody McKnight’s blog.




PS: I know, I know – I’m again behind on this week’s Divine Wine Sunday… but it is en route!



  1. How wonderful to have a Wine Know working in the field comment. I am astounded at the idea of a $6,000 bottle of wine. Also, after visiting his blog, am curious to learn more about the “Natural Wine Movement”!

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