Varietal: Wine Know Inbound!

The day got away from me today and I did not have a chance to complete a Thoroughly Wine Know Thursday post.  But I did want to take a moment to share a new incoming source of “wine know” for W2WK followers.  I recently subscribed to Wine Spectator and just received my first edition in the mail!! I’m looking forward to passing along any interesting tidbits of knowledge that I gain from my new favorite pleasure reading!


A new subscriber’s first delivery!


  1. Hey Wino! We just returned from Sonoma and I can tell you firsthand a couple great wines to try – Ravenswood Cooke Zinfandel and Buena Vista “the Count”. Both were beautiful wineries and I really miss our CA finds back in Ohio. If you try them out, tell me what you think- Happy Friday!

    • Hey Chef! I have tried the Ravenswood Zin before and enjoyed it, but it was a while back. I’ll definitely try it again and write it up here (along with “the Count”) on W2WK! Thank you for the suggestions and glad to hear your Sonoma trip was great!! I hope to visit Sonoma myself some time soon…

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