Winos Like Us… Break Bread Together (#3)

Today is day 3 of the #RuckusMakersChallenge and an 8-day series on how Winos like us connect with the world over a glass of wine… 

Sharing a meal together is one of those activities that crosses all cultures and time… every culture has done it in its own way for as long as we know. (Disclaimer: That’s a generality that I presume is true. If any anthropologists/historians out there want to correct me, please do!) It sort of boggles my mind, actually, to think about how embedded the idea of sharing a meal is in our nature. That it is somehow the method by which we most commonly experience a sense of community or family or fellowship.

Sharing a meal is awesome.  But let’s be honest…it’s most awesome when there’s also wine to share.  This is one of the many reasons I’m drawn to wine… not only is it bottled art, but it gives us an opportunity to share and experience a moment with someone. Opening a bottle and pouring wine into a glass is like slowing down time… to pause and reflect and talk. It gives us a reason to sit a little longer, be more open with one another, share a few more thoughts, ask a few more questions, and ultimately, to make a deeper connection. And Winos like us love that.

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