Winos Like Us… Love The More We Wine Know (#7)

Today is day 7 of the #RuckusMakersChallenge and an 8-day series on how Winos like us connect with the world over a glass of wine…

I don’t know the general demographic of people who follow W2WK.  But I know that I fall into the category of suburban kid who is now in her mid-30s who grew up playing in the desert, was raised on PBS, and came to love Saved By The Bell (the original), Full House, Golden Girls, Friends, and on occasion, the Bob Newhart Show. I don’t recall which shows were on which stations, but NBC’s public service initiative “The More You Know” permeated my childhood. It seemed like every other commercial (before you could fast forward through them) featured a famous person giving the viewer a message followed by that shooting star that I always confused with the Reading Rainbow logo.

The More You Know

The More You Know

What I didn’t know until looking for the above picture is that this public service initiative has been going on since 1989 – this year it’s celebrating 25 years of sharing important/impactful messages with communities about a wide range of topics. Pretty cool.

So like I said, I don’t know my blog’s prime demographics. I don’t even know how to find that out. But I’m guessing if you even glance at what I write here, it is for 1 of two reasons:

  1. You’re my friend or family member and you want to avoid having an awkward moment when I see you and ask if you’ve read my latest post.
  2. You actually like random information about wine and sometimes walk away thinking, “Huh!… [shaking your head affirmatively] The More You Wine Know….”.

Therefore, I assert that Winos Like Us… love the more we Wine Know. (You may have to read that twice – it’s a bit of a mouthful.) It’s such a fun topic with endless opportunities for learning.  Every grape, every vineyard, every hillside, every region, every vintage has a story. It’s like a history book of the environment – of the terroir – of that year. And the story comes out in the characteristics of what we pour in a glass and sip on while unwinding from the day. I know there’s a crowd of us who loves to learn random tidbits of wine knowledge. Whether they are facts or stories, there’s something about knowing a little something extra that helps you connect with that bottled art. It doesn’t always mean you retain that knowledge, but it does mean you retain the memory and the experience.

Wine Know just enhances those moments. When you Wine Know a little more about the history, the culture, the terroir, the grapes – the artistry – that went into that wine, you gain an appreciation for each and every sip.

So here’s to sharing more Wine Know through blog posts, tastings, dinners, and gatherings long after this 8-day challenge is completed!!


PS: Don’t forget to join the #NoWineFear challenge this week! Post what you try on Twitter, Facebook, or comment here.  If you do, I’ll post about that wine to share extra Wine Know...


  1. Luis Vázquez says:

    I fall into the category #1 of why I read this blog…. Kidding! I’ve never been much of a wine drinker but reading your blog is making me want to be. Never sat down and thought about all the stories there are to wine. I def enjoy them!

    • Ha! Do you know of any wine you have enjoyed before, Luis? If so, tell me about it – I’ll try and make some recommendations so you can start exploring the WWW (Wonderful World of Wine)!

      • Luis Vázquez says:

        I have no clue. The wine I’ve tasted before has always been served by another person. Actually, some of the best wine I’ve tasted is homemade by my serbian friend’s dad. He makes red and white wine.

        I have a feeling that I like sweet wine and typically red (i think). We’ll find out if I pick a good one. Planning on exploring and buying a bottle for the wine challenge this weekend. *fingers crossed*

  2. Ms. Bique says:

    Just catching up on the 8 day challenge. I did branch out a try a new cabernet blend recommended by a waiter out here in DC. It was delicious. Glad I took the leap.

  3. This post made me giggle. Am I allowed to fall in BOTH categories??!!

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