Winos Like Us…. Show Up (#8)

Today is day 8 of the #RuckusMakersChallenge and an 8-day series on how Winos like us connect with the world over a glass of wine…

I MADE IT TO DAY #8 OF THE 8 DAY CHALLENGE!! Thank goodness we got here.  There have been a number of other people posting over the last 8 days – just search #RuckusMakersChallenge and you’ll find some inspiring, motivating, soul-searching, and sincere words being shared out there.

Some of you may have noticed that I go in writing spurts with the W2WK.  I find I’m either consistently posting or not at all. After 8 days of dreaming up content that related to wine and connection with the world around us (for that’s what Winos Like Us are all about), today I find myself wanting to write more about showing up (with or without a glass of wine in hand). I’ve showed up to my WordPress dashboard for the past 8 days. And I’m really happy I have – because it is one way that I connect with people and get to explore random info about wine.

BUT…. I admit that I’ve also used the blogging challenge as an excuse to not show up to other stuff in the past 8 days. And guess what those things are… [the answer is easy.] It’s the stuff that I often (or consistently) avoid because I’m a bit afraid of executing… of leaping. So when my husband or my close friends ask me, “what did you do to make a ruckus today?” (which has happened quite a bit since the Seth workshop), all I’ve been able to say in the past 8 days is “I wrote a blog post.”

Now at the end of the 8-day challenge, I gotta keep some momentum going and show up to that other stuff. Blogging is fun for me.  That hard stuff is far less fun but I imagine a bit more rewarding. As Lindsay said…

“One of the amazing things/ideas that Seth talked about that epic weekend was the idea that the people that have made a ruckus in the world weren’t necessarily the most talented, or the smartest, but they succeeded because of the fact that they SHOWED UP. Everyday they showed up and did the things that they said they were going to do.”

And you gotta keep showing up even when the fear is paralyzing you. As Gayatri said…

“All you can do is dive in again and again until you learn to swim.”

And sometimes when we’re numb to the paralysis, we get in the “Totally Illogical Shame Cycle” (TISC), as coined by Tamara.

“Sometimes we sit idle for so long that we actually forget what it’s like to be actively working towards something.”

I’d say I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat for a while – actively THINKING about working towards something. And it’s been a [slow] journey just getting to that point.

The tagline of my blog is “the educational journey of a wine lover”. I’m pretty good about committing to the educational side. That’s just a matter of reading and understanding material on a topic I like to study. The journey part – that’s the hard stuff. Forcing myself to take the next step on my journey is the challenge I’ve got to stay focused on. I’ve shared some of that journey here on W2WK, but there is more to come.

Join me Winos and Wine Knows. We may not be on the same path, but we will likely face similar challenges. And the challenges seem far less enormous or scary when we face them together. For Winos like us SHOW UP by putting one foot in front of the other on the path we make to form the story of our lives. 

Here’s to having many more (frequent) Wine Know Journey Updates on W2WK.

Where will the journey take us!?

Where will the journey take us!?


  1. I love this post! I hope you’ll update us on the ruckus you’re creating when you’re not blogging every day!!

  2. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog via the Drunken Cyclist (what a beauty) and figured I’d check you out. I love the theme of your blog! Golf may be my #1 passion, but wine is a close second. Look forward to following and getting my wine-know on.


    • Welcome, Josh!! And thanks for the kind words!! I enjoy reading the Drunken Cyclist as well:) Wine is my #1 passion, but I also enjoy golf! (It’s practically a requirement as a resident of Arizona.) And quite frankly, no other sport gets me quite so “impassioned” :)Thanks for following – I’m off to check out Golf Is Mental. -Inga

      • Inga,

        Thank you for the follow as well! Arizona is a great place for golf, particularly in the winter months when we’re snowed in up here in Canada! This may be a silly question, but does Arizona produce any wine? My wife and I just returned from a 3-month road trip through Arizona, and then up the entire west coast. Spent some time in Napa/Sonoma as well as Oregon wine country….heaven!!!


        • YES!!! Actually, every state in the US produces grapes for winemaking! Arizona’s wine industry is young, but very much present. With the hotter temperatures, we have some great big red wines. Here’s a recap of our trip from one of the two big wine growing regions in AZ. I plan on posting more about AZ wines!

          • WOW! I had NO idea. You sure know how to rock a wino road trip! Very courteous of you to make a “donation” along the way as well. I want to try some Arizona wines now. I’m going to make note of some of the wineries you liked and see if any are available up in Canada. Kief-Joshua sounds particularly awesome, for obvious reasons.


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