Winos Like Us… Still Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Beer (#6)

Today is day 6 of the #RuckusMakersChallenge and an 8-day series on how Winos like us connect with the world over a glass of wine…

Is there really a wine for St. Patrick’s Day? (I ask this after working at a St. Patrick’s Day wine tasting event this evening.) Quite frankly, it doesn’t feel right to celebrate the fine Irish holiday with stemware in hand.  Instead, it’s an opportunity to try another form of liquid art – BEER!  I know very little about beer, but I do know there’s as much passion in making beverages from grains as there is from grapes. And anything with passionate work behind it is worth exploring.

So I hope you are celebrating this evening with a mug in hand… For Winos like us occasionally enjoy other forms of art as vehicles for connection. 


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Happy St. Patty’s!

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