Wishing for a Wine Thumb

Hey Winos,

It’s been over a week since my last post – my apologies! My “day job” has become a day and night job for the past week, and PowerPoint has kept me from my WordPress page.  My friend/co-worker, CA Wino, and I were chatting today… we agreed that we both wanted to curl up in a ball, hide under the desk, and suck our thumbs to avoid the day’s stress… Today, she added, “if only my thumb tasted like Syrah.”  

One of my friends often reminds me to Dream… and this is something I will Dream often about!  (Though I’ll go beyond dreaming that it tastes like Syrah and go ahead and dream that it pours Syrah.)

Thank you for your patience, fellow Winos… I expect to be posting again tomorrow for Thoroughly Wine Know Thursday!





  1. Keep those dreams alive…sorry to hear it’s been work and not fun adventures keeping you from your fans. Looking forward to more Wino soon!

  2. Hmmm… If this is a double-post comment, apologies. In any event, I’m pleased to learn I have all the wineglasses I’ll ever need. Alas, half of my champagne flutes have years engraved on them!

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