Wound Up, Wined Down

This week, I had the pleasure of flying out for a work trip on Sunday. Yes. Sunday. [Insert growl.] Sunday work travel gets me a little wound up… I mean, it keeps me from lounging on my couch and watching episode after episode of Parenthood, or Breaking Bad, or other shows available on Netflix while flipping through holiday catalogues. Clearly, important things. So anyway, after I begrudgingly boarded my flight, I opted to spend the $7.00 for a mini-bottle at 30,000 feet to wind down. And, as expected, it was a success!

Brickhouse Cabernet was better than expected… But most things are when paired with B.B. King amd Eric Clapton!20121203-235118.jpg


  1. Ms. Bique says:

    Brickhouse…hmmm, depending on how long your flight was, it could have been a fun ‘breaching’ experiment to have a few more bottles then sing your own rendition of brickhouse…an idea for your return flight:-)

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