Divine Wine of the Desert: Zarpara Sauvignon Blanc

Today’s post on a “Divine Wine of the Desert” is a twofer…. Since it is an Arizona wine that I consider “divine”, it gets categorized as both a “Wines of the Desert” post and a “Divine Wine Sunday” post. (Yes, I know it’s Monday. I’m running behind.)

I was introduced to this lovely bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at the Willcox Wine Festival. After taking a bottle home and finding that I was savoring every sip, I felt the need to highlight it here on W2WK.

Zarpara Sauvignon Blanc

Zarpara Sauvignon Blanc

Divine Wine of the Desert: Zarpara Sauvignon Blanc

Price Range: $26 from Zarpara Vineyard

Wino Assessment: I am typically “wowed” by red wines more often then white wines. But when I first tasted this one, I had to take that mental pause before enjoying the  second and third sips to make sure I wasn’t just thinking that I liked it as much as I did. But it was confirmed by the time I had a full glass. I really loved this Sauvignon Blanc. The winemaker’s describe it as “crisp and bright”. I definitely agree – but I think that’s an understatement. To me, it was more complex than many Sauvignon Blancs I’ve tried. While it was easy to drink, the bottle seemed to developed with each glass. (In fact, I mentally marked it as a red wine drinker’s white wine for this reason.) It was very aromatic and I tasted honeysuckle-like flavors in addition to crisp pear flavors. I really enjoyed it immensely…

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: I’m a sucker for great life change stories… So I must share. As explained on their website, the Zarpara Vineyard owners retired from the “daily grind” to start their own vineyard in Cochise County (southern Arizona) where they planted vines and started making wine. And this Sauvignon Blanc is their first wine from grapes harvested solely from their vineyard.  To that I say, Bravo!

Ok, back to the wine.  Zarpara describe it as:

“Crisp, bright, and bursting with citrus and pear on the nose and palate.”

They also note that there were only 37 cases of this wine produced, so it might be tough to find.

UPDATE: For you Phoenicians, Zarpara Vineyard commented below that their Sauvignon Blanc is available at Wedge and Bottle in Ahwatukee.

Divine Bite: Sauvignon Blanc is a very “food-friendly” wine. It is a dry white and can accompany spicy foods and other dishes with strong flavors. Because the wine is low in acidity, it is enjoyable with foods that have high acidity, like goat cheese or tomatoes. Try this with a salad that includes an acidic cheese. It also pairs very well with most seafood dishes. I enjoyed this bottle with grilled Mahi seasoned with Chesapeake Bay seasoning and some steamed vegetables. The winery recommends having their wine with garlic marinated shrimp or with feta cheese and some olives. Enjoy!


  1. couuusin E says:

    hellooo Old Bay shout out!

  2. Ms. Bique says:

    As the temperatures continue to rise I have definitely been on the lookout for a crisp white. Can you buy it up here in PHX?

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