Divine (Sparkling) Wine of the Week: Zardetto Prosecco

This weekend marked a milestone for my family… my Dad officially entered “retired” status as of Saturday… a change that will allow his impressive energy level to be dedicated to other lovely life activities… like boozing on sparkling wine on a Saturday afternoon.  And that’s exactly what we did to celebrate his new life “status”. Seriously, is there a better way to spend your first Saturday of retirement!?!

Divine Wine of the Week: Zardetto Prosecco, Conegliano, Veneto, Italia

Zardetto Prosecco

Price Range: $12.99 at Total Wine

Wino Assessment: I am admittedly  a bad judge of sparkling wine.  I like them all!  And I struggle to find the differences in taste… so my Wino Assessment is going to be lackluster at best.  It is a dry sparkling wine, but not bitter – it hint of a honey like sweetness to it that balances the dryness nicely.

The (Sparkling) Wine: 

Zardetto Winery says of its Proseccos: “Simple, fragrant and light, they are at the heart of happy get-togethers and are perfect as an aperitif.”  (I must agree!)

Total Wine says: “Crisp, Pear, Dry, Light-bodied”

Wine Advocate says: “One of the finest widely available Proseccos in the marketplace, this fresh, lively wine exhibits notions of orange rind, brioche, and honeyed grapefruit. Light-bodied, effervescent, and packing plenty of flavor in its delicate personality.”

I presume you are already grabbing your keys to run out and grab a bottle of this enjoyable bubbly, given all these great descriptions!

The Bite:

So what to munch on while enjoying this Prosecco?  Since sparkling wine is normally enjoyed as an aperitif, these pairing suggestions are in the nature of appetizers/small bites.  Most lighter bodied Proseccos, like this one, go well with salty foods like prosciutto or smoked salmon.  You might even consider enjoying this with a bit of sushi (which seems counterintuitive to me, but now that I’ve had the wine, I wish I would have had it with sushi!).  If you’re looking for a lighter snack, try it with some a little bowl of mixed nuts!


May we all celebrate the little things and the big things in life with a delightful bottle of bubbly! And many congrats to my Dad and looking forward to sharing many more bottles of bubbly with this new retiree!


Source: Source for all wine know (particularly with The Bite section) is What to Drink with What You Eat.


  1. Ms. Bique says:

    Congrats to Papa Wino!!! Hopefully the first of many Saturdays with sparkling wine.

  2. Big congrats!! I feel like “Papa Wino” is a brilliant blog name for someone who enjoys wine and has some exra free time on their hands now…

  3. only if they are in all caps!

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